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Desert Crossing from Bidiyah to Ghalat

Bidiyah is in the Wahiba Sands Desert, the most popular destination in Oman for dune-bashing, desert-crossings and camping. No visit to Oman would be complete without seeing these spectacular seas of sand as well as other historic sites. 


The itinerary starts at 2pm crossing the golden sand. It will take about 3 hours from Bidiyah to Ghalat. During the cross will see a lot of camels and will also visit a traditional Bedouin house. 


Finally, we will camp in the place where sand meets the waves in such dramatic fashion. 

COST (2 Pax) = 150 OMR/$392 USD


My price includes: 

1. My expenses (accommodation and meals) 

2. Car with fuel (4x4)

3. Dinner & breakfast 

4. Water 

5. Camping tools

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