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Wahiba Sands – Duqum

With Oman’s abundant beaches, vast expanses of deserts and date palm plantations, it’s hard to think that the country has more to offer in the way of natural beauty. But a visit to the exceptional Al Bantoot Area (Al Khaluf) Dunes will leave all such assumptions quashed! Popularly known as the Sugar Dunes, the Al Bantoot Area (Al Khaluf) Dunes are situated near the tiny fishing village of Al Bantoot Area (Al Khaluf). Miles and miles of brilliant white sands form the Sugar Dunes, a lesser known tourist attraction in Oman. Lining the shore, the white sand dunes are juxtaposed against crystal clear blue waters, a view that’s hard to describe as anything but otherworldly!. Situated 400kms south of the capital city of Muscat, Al Bantoot Area (Al Khaluf) is a small village that is home to fishermen and several car and boat engine shops. The area is known for its Sugar Dunes, the breathtaking white sand beach, a shrimp farm and the Al Bantoot Area (Al Khaluf) Caves situated further down south.
The region is a beautiful camping destination, wherein one can spend the night under a sky full of stars, right in between the ocean and milky white dunes, swathed luxuriously over the land, almost like lush velvet. Come dawn, watching the sun rise while seated on the cool snow-white sand is an experience of a lifetime.
A great way to escape the hustle of the city, Al Bantoot Area (Al Khaluf) is tucked far away along the coastline of Oman. What’s truly wonderful about this region is that as the sugary white sands shift and blend away, they reveal sharp, layered rock formations that are simply breathtaking.


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