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Bimah Sinkhole - Wadi Shab - Sur - Ras Al Hadd (Night in Ras Alhadd):


We head towards Bimah Sinkhole, a spectacular limestone crater with inviting blue-green water. The sinkhole is 50m wide and 30m deep. It is only about 600m away from the sea. The sinkhole was formed by a collapse of the surface layer due to the dissolution of the underlying limestone. However, locals believe that it was created by a meteorite, ‘Hawaiyat Najm’, which translates to ‘The Falling Star’ in Arabic, and hence the name.

We will then continue to Wadi Shab which means a “wadi between the cliffs”. It is a tourist hot spot. Wadi Shab is still one of the most lovely destinations in Oman. People come here for the nature, to swim in the fresh water pools or just to have a barbecue. I will take you through steep ravines, pools, waterfalls and lush plantations. The main attraction of the wadi is the water fall in the cave, which you can reach after a roughly 40 minute hike and swimming in 2-3 pools.


What you should bring:

  • Sunscreen

  • Food, snacks and plenty of drinking water

  • Swimming clothes and towel

  • Slippers or a sturdy waterproof footwear

  • Camera and water proof bag (otherwise you won’t get to take any pictures inside the cave)

Our next stop is in Sur,  the ancient Omani city. Sur also makes a good halfway rest point on a round trip from Muscat via the desert camps of the Sharqiya Sands. It is famous for its trading and Dhow Building Yard. You are allowed to walk around and can finish with the shop and the smaller size dhows. All along the seaside, there is a corniche allowing for a relaxing walk.

Finally the Ras Al Hadd, turtles come to lay their eggs at night and this experience is a memorable one. You can go for an evening tour (no photography allowed) or a morning tour (photography allowed) to spot big holes and turtles inside

Overnight at Turtle Beach Resort (recommended)


COST (2 Pax) = 120 OMR/$313 USD


My price includes: 
1. Internet
2. Lunch in traditional restaurant

3. Water/Coffee

4. Car with fuel

5. My expenses (accommodation and meals)

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