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Salalah is the capital of the Dhofar province and the third largest city in the Sultanate.
The subtropical colorful Salalah is synonymous with awe-inspiring waterfalls, beaches, caves, banana plantations, and...
water full of (sea) life. The Khareef, the annual monsoon in the summer months (May to September) which produces huge quantities
rainfall, mysterious fog and limited visibility transforms the desert into a green landscape with countless
waterfalls. Many travelers from Oman and other Gulf States visit Salalah during the Khareef to experience the
to escape the unrelenting summer heat. A visit to Salalah during the winter months (October to April) ensures
then again for clear views, the absence of rainfall and a radiant sun.
Today we explore East and West Dhofar.
In East Dhofar we visit:
- Samhuram (Khor Rori) and Al Baleed, ancient port cities known for the frankincense trade to Africa, Europe,
India and China (4th century BC – 5th century AD and 8th-16th century AD respectively).
- Taqa, once a thriving trading city with beautiful architecture, where the population now largely lives from drying
sardines. This town is now known for its beautiful beach, 19th century fortress and cliff.
After lunch we explore Western Dhofar, where we visit the Mosque and Tomb of Nabi Ayuob. Ride to the beach from
Mughsail with its impressive cliffs.
Today we also see the famous frankincense tree to which the province of Dhofar owes its wealth
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