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Jebren Castle - Bahla - Jebel Shams - Misfat Al Abreen (Night in Nizwa)

After a nice breakfast, we will go to Jebren Castle, which is a favorite because it is still furnished. An excellent self-guided audio tour is available so you could get a feel for what it was like to live there. 

We will continue our journey to Bahla, a charming little town surrounded by an old 12 km long wall. We will visit the place where they make pottery and the old Fort of Bahla, one of the oldest in Oman.


Jebel Shams is geologically spectacular, being one of the deepest canyons on the planet. We go deep inside to visit the village where the main activity is weaving, specifically Omani rugs. Our journey continues to the top of Jebel Shams, “Sun Mountain”, Oman’s highest peak, 3009 m. to get a spectacular view of the “Grand Canyon”.

We then head towards Misfat Al Abreen, set in a stunning landscape above terraced plantations. This is a rare sight in Oman as most palms are grown on the plains.

Recommended Hotel:

- Heritage Inn      - Dream house apartment      - Safari Hotel      - Alkaram hotel apartment

- Recommended Al jabal Akhdhar area: - Anantara Resort   - Sama hotel


COST (2 Pax) = 120 OMR/$313 USD


My price includes: 

1. Internet
2. Lunch in traditional 

3. Water/Coffee

4. Car with fuel

5. My expenses (accommodation and meals)

6. Entry fees to forts and castle

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