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Nakhal Fort - Thowara Hot Spring - Wadi Bani Awf (off road) 

First stop in Nakhal Fort which was named after the state of Nakhal where it exists above the old village of Nakhl. It was built to fit around an irregularly-shaped rock. 


The second stop is Thowara Hot Spring. It is like a creek flowing down from the mountain. There are a lot of fish in the water so don't miss the free fish spa on offer by dipping your feet in the water! 


Then we drive the road to Wadi Bani Awf, widely considered the most memorable off-road drive in the country. This is Oman at its most nerve-janglingly dramatic, with stupendous scenery and a rough, vertiginous track which challenges the skills of even experienced off-road drivers. It will take around 3 hours .

COST (2 Pax) = 120 OMR/$313 USD


My price includes: 

1. Pick up from hotel  

2. Car with fuel  (4x4)

3. Internet  

4.Lunch in traditional restaurant  

5. Water/Coffee

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