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Once again today we travel through desolate desert landscapes and regularly make photo stops.
On the way to Salalah we stop at the beautiful, deserted beach of the fishing village of Ras Madrakah and in
Wadi Shuwaymiyah, one of the most beautiful wadis in the country. This deep valley, naturally carved into the landscape
characterized by unspoilt nature and breathtaking rock formations. In this oasis, located deep in the desert, there are little ones
cave systems and unusually colored rocks are a pleasure for the eyes. The wadi is completely uninhabited: small palm groves and
unusual access roads take us back to a bygone era.
Then we visit the ancient city of Mir Bat, where slaves and Arabian horses were once traded, and old
merchant houses even today bear witness to the wealth of yesteryear (depending on the time available, the visit to Mir Bat
also be moved to the next day.

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